See the World by Road Tripping

I have traveled to every country by all possible ways of transport, including hitchhiking by cars, boats and even planes. I have been sitting on top of buses and trains, but there is no way I like better to travel than roadtripping and facing every challenge on the way with new travel friends. This is why I have decided to organize road trips in every continent of the World where I invite you to come with.

Why you should be roadtripping the World

Can you remember the last time you were roadtrippping? How free you felt, and how you as a group could be in charge of where you were going? If we dont like a particular place we can just drive away, and instead linger at the places you love.

Another great thing about driving a car is that you don't have to ear airplane food. On my road trips we will bring cooking gear and cook whatever the f*** we want, whenever the f*** we want. And that way it is cheap too!

You can also save quite a bit of money, and save the environment at the same time too! Imagine not having to wait for a bus and not spending a cent on taxis around town.

You can (more or less) pack whatever you want. We will make the roof available for you, and whenever there is a free seat you can put your extra bag there too. Bringing camping gear you can also drive out in the nature and sleep for free. Or maybe in a facilitated campsite, which is way cheaper than staying in a hotel.

MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL: You can see the REAL World. Joining my road trips will make you get off the beaten path to see everything from natural wonders to the way that local communities actually live. Not just a track of a train or the clouds from a plane. National parks, music festivals, farmers markets etc. They are all ours to explore.

The bad part of doing a road trip

Driving takes time, but we can make sure to have a good time listening to music and getting to know each other. Or you can plug in your ear plugs and pull out your favorite books.

If the car gets stuck, you have to push it out of the mud. A breakdown can happen, either from a flat tyre or the car running out of gas, but this should (hopefully) just be minor issues where we can be out in short time.

Bad weather can affect your trip, especially the nights we are camping. But if we prepare well, we should survive through even the worst storm. One way is to buy some proper travel gear, from this website of course! ;)

If this sounds like the way to go for you, then sign up and I will look forward to be on the road with you! :)

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