Skiing Whistler Blackcomb, Canada


The reason for visiting Canada this weekend was not to see Vancouver, but to visit the Worlds best Ski Town, Whistler and to try out the massive slopes that the mountain has to offer.


Instead of staying at the expensive lodges in the valley we stayed in Vancouver and chose to go on day trips with the Snowbus instead. This option gave us the chance of skiing from the lifts opened in the morning (at 8am) until we were tired (at 3-4pm), just to get a couple of afterskiing until the bus left (at 4.45pm) and then a couple of hours sleep on the bus before arriving Vancouver at 7pm.


The prices were a bit steep at around 200USD per day including ride, gear and lift ticket but were a cheap price to pay considering that we had gotten free flights and accommodation for the trip.


The slopes were pretty much what I had expected, being huge but not much more than the ones you can find in the Austrian and French Alps. They say that once every four years there is a season with little snow, and even though we had come early in February there was not much snow left- with warm temperatures as if it was during easter times in April. The afterskiing was good though, with big burgers and lots of local beer to chose from.


Whistler Blackcomb has a great reputation and I wish that it would be something far out of the ordinary, but I must say I am a little disappointed. Next time I decide to take a long weekend off to go skiing I think it will be somewhere more close, like the Alps or the many ski resorts in Norway and Sweeden as the grass was not that much greener on the other side as I had hoped it to be. It was still a heck of a trip though!





One of the massive jumps at one of the Nintendo Fun Parks


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