Skopje- the Ashgabat of Europe

Arriving with the bus from Kosovo, we felt that we had come to a completely different place when our bus stopped in Skopje.

Unlike Pristina, which just had one small statue as a tourist sight, in Skopje you could see even bigger ones alll around. The area around the central plaza was all covered in white marble, trying to look as much like the Roman Empire as possible.

Skopje is also the birthplace of Mother Theresa and Alexander the Great was also Macedonian so there are plenty of memorials to honor these two names in the city.

Being a sunday, most things were closed except restaurants and bars so we ended up just relaxing with beers in the sun and walking to the fortress, the hill with the cable car running up to a cross and along the river. Just like the capital of Turkmenistan where they have the most Italian marble in the World, the city was a showcase in a beautiful natural setting. Skopje is like the Ashgabat of Europe.

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