South Luangwa National Park

With the roads in Zambia not exactly being state of the art, it took us around 13 hours to get from Kafue to South Luangwa. That being said we also had a shopping break in the capital and lots of pee breaks on the way, but this was a looong driving day.
The hippo backing out of our camp
South Luangwa was probably my favorite spot for safari game drives, but when the night crept on I realized that you dont need to go on game drives to have close encounters of wild animals.

The campsite was right next to the river, where the hippos were making loud chomping noises from eating seagrass so loud that I almost couldn’t sleep.

I finally fell asleep and woke up not long after to pee some of the beers I had drank the night before. When I zipped up my tent and put my head and a torch out the entrance I realized that I was shining my light on of the evil, human killing creatures I had heard heard laughing just some hours before, which was sitting less than three meters away! I was quick to draw my head back into the tent and stayed awake while watching the hippo walk away through my mosquito net. The hippos stayed close the next nights as well and me and my brother were happy every time the sun came up in the morning and we understood that the hippos had let us live for another day.

One of the other days at the camp, while I was sitting by myself eating ramen noodles there was also an elephant that had managed to sneak quietly up behind me. The elephant stayed peaceful eating leaves from nearby trees while I was sitting there by myself, but as soon as more people came to see it started to seem threatened and finally did a couple of charges towards us before backing past our tents and out of the camp. South Luangwa was definitely the place that had given us the biggest wildlife experience and most of it happened right there in front of our tents!

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