Southern Sao Tomé

The market in the capital

When my couchsurfing host came home from a night shift at the hospital, he just had a quick shower and told me that he was ready to show me around the southern part of Sao Tomé island. We picked up two israeli girls and a few minutes later we were on the road heading South.

Plenty of taxis outside the market

The first stop along the way was a place called Boca del Inferno, which was a natural bridge combined with a massive blow hole which shot water in the air every time a wave hit the shore.

Boca del inferno

A short ride further South brought us to the Cascata de Pesqueteria where we could break up our journey and dip our toes in the water, which seemed to be the washing machine for the whole village.

Cascata De Pesqueria was not the most impressive waterfall on the island

Another place we stopped was Bobo Forro, where some local guys showed us the way up to the top of the mountain where we climbed a massive rock to get a great view where we even spotted the shore of Principe Island.

The view from on top of Bobo Forro

Finally, the highlight of our trip to the South was the Pico Sao Grande (the big dog peak) which is a volcanic plug created by magma thar solidified on top of a volcano when it was active.

Pico Sao Grande is a place that looks like it belongs in a movie

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