Surfing Dakar

Instead of going up to St.Louis where I had been just a few months earlier, I decided to spend five days in the Senegalese capital of Dakar. From what I had heard the city had good nightlife and great waves for surfing, but when you spend hours in the water surfing in the day you are usually to tired to go out at night. My days in Dakar were therefore mainly spent surfing at Secret surfspot, right next to Club Med. I had really hopes to surf the famous Ngor Right from the surfing movie “the endress summer”, but when I went out there I could see that waves were messy and decided to stick to the shallow, clean waves at Secret.
A map of Dakars many surfing spots
When the rest of the group arrived just a couple of days later it was time to check out the more cultural attractions of the city. The streets and markets were quiet as everyone were in Touba for the pilgrimage, but then it was even better relaxing in the parks and visiting Gorée Island without too many people around.
Gorée Island which was the last stop for African slaves beofore being shipped off to the Americas
I had heard mixed reviews about the slave island of Gorée. Some saying it was too busy, too touristy etc but I really enjoyed it! All the info in the museums was in French, but the old colonial streets and buildings were well kept and stolling around made me really think back at all the horrible things that had happened there in the past. Being the last stop on the trip, and the third last country remaining to be visited on the West African Coast made me a bit sad as West Africa has truly showed me some genuine places not spoilt by tourism. Although it will probably be long before Ibret return, my heart will never stop beating for West-Africa.

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