Sylhet- Highlands and Tea Farms

After having visited the East, the West, the center and the South it was about time to head North, towards the border of China, to a region called Sylhet which is famous for its many tea plantations.

Walking around in a couple we talked to tea farmers, tasted local food and drink specialities and had some fun climbing and flipping of some trees.

One nice place near the tea plantations was the Madhabpur Lake where lots of locals came to have picnic in a peaceful, quiet environment. The place is also famous among locals for having a tea with seven colored layers.

On the way back we also got to stop at Lawachara National Park where we rented a guide and went on a three hour walking “safari”, spotting monkeys, squirrels and birds.

We also went to a small village where there were descendants from Mongolia nomads living. You could tell from their round faces, different language and churches instead of mosques. Quite interesting to see and also to taste the crispy but sweet indian plums they were selling there.

After the day trip to Sylhet we went back to the village of my friend where we launched some 50cent chinese lanterns to celebrate my last day in Bangladesh and make wishes that I would one day return to the country.

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