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From Bavaria to Berlin

Crossing into Germany to Switzerland by train, we felt like we had to make a stop at the famous Neuschwanstein Castle. A visit to the fortress has to be booked minimum 48hours in advance so we decided to do the quick, cheap and easy version where we booked a bus ticket from Füssen to the […]

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Driving job to Berlin

If someone would ask me if I would like to go on a trip for free, I would most likely say “yes”, but if someone asks me if I would like to go on a trip and get paid for it I say “hell yes”! My teacher asked me that last question, with the connotative […]

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Celebrating NYE in Bremen

I´ve never discovered the geniousity of Ryanair before now. It´s noisy, small, crowded and it doesn´t allow you to bring a carry-on that is one gram heavier or one centimeter bigger than the limit, but it takes you from point A to point B safely and really really cheap. A one way ticket was 48NOK […]

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