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Kigali, the Capital of Rwanda

Crossing from Uganda to Rwanda there were huge differences that I had not known before getting there. First off the official language (in addition to local language) was French instead of English, I went from dusty dirt roads to paved roads, it was more clean, quiet and.. a bit weird. Although Rwanda ranks 205 of […]

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Kunda Village Ministry in Gisenyi

Gisenyi is a border town with a population of about a hundred thousand. It’s a popular tourist destination for hiking and biking with great views of Lake Kivu and the Nyiragongo volcano. I had come to visit Emmanuel from the Kunda Village Ministry to stay with him a few days and distribute some clothes that […]

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Cycling the Congo Nile Trail

Lake Kivu is one of the African Great Lakes and lies on the border between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The water running from one side of the lake will eventually reach the Nile and from the other it will reach the Congo River-that is why the cycle trail going along the lake […]

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