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Mahe (Main) Island

Mahe is the biggest island in the Seychelles and is home to about 90% of the country’s population. The big bothanical garden in Victoria I had four days to spend on this island and as soon as I got there I regretted that decision. La Digue, Curieuse and Praslin had been so peaceful and beautiful. […]

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Curieuse Tortoise Island

Arriving at Curieuse Island Curiouse Island is a tiny island (2,9km2) just a ten minute boat ride from Anse Boudin/Anse Volbert which was called Ile Rouge (red island) during the French colonial times due to the red soil there. The French used the island as a Leper colony until 1965 and in 1979 the island […]

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Touchdown in Paradise, La Digue Island

La Digue is an island just a twenty minute boat ride from Praslin, so it worked perfectly to go for a day trip from there, arriving with the first boat around 7 and going back home to my AirBnB in Praslin around 6 in the evening. The island is small, and there are only a […]

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