Takht-e Rostam in Samangan

At seven in the morning, Noor was waiting bright at the reception, ready to take us to a Buddhist Stupa called Takht-e Rostam, located in the province of Samangan, about a two hour drive South East of Mazar-e Sharif.

The road was mostly desert like landscape, but halfway there we drove through a pretty nice gorge with steep mountains on both sides of the road and small huts next to the road selling pommegrenade.

Climbing up to the Stupa was scary!!

Takht-e Rostam was built in the 5th century and is said to have taken 96 years to construct. The Stupa, carved out of a gigantic rock reminds me of the rock hewn churches of Lalibela, but these buildings were waaay older and had absolutely no tourists.

Noor, looking a bit like a Buddhist munk

In addition to the Stupa, there were some huge caves built at the same time. These were well hidden with small entrances, but inside they roomed a market place, resting place and rooms for meditation.

Driving back to Mazar-e Sharif we also stopped at the hunting lodge of the last king of Afghanistan. The plan is to make a museum about the history of Mazar-e Sharif there, but this was not ready so we just had a quick stop to look before continuing our journey back.

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