Tbilisi- a New Favorite!

Tbilisi is the oposite of what Baku is- a perfect city to explore by foot and every day I spent there I clocked up more than 35000 steps on my pedometer. The city is home to about 1million or a quarter of the Georgian population so the streets are always lively with music, wine and cheerfulness.

Tbili means warm in Georgian and it is probably the hot springs that gave the city its name. Sitated along the river Mtkvari river, the city did not feel as warm as e.g Yerevan and there was plenty to see to keep you busy for days.

The cable car up to the fortress cost the same as a bus ride with the public transportation card and the selection of budget hostels was great. There was lots of local eateries and people understood that friendliness instead of being pushy was the thing that worked best to attract tourists. I would say that Tbilisi is among my top favorite cities and I believe it will become way more popular for tourists in the near future without loosing its charm.

My great guide at the Tbilisi Free Walking Tour.

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