Teheran Express

We arrived Teheran early morning, just a few minutes after the train had done its daily 5 am prayer stop. It had been a short ride with just a couple of hours of sleep, so we were all happy when we arrived at our hotel and were told that we could eat breakfast, go swimming in the pool and then sleep a few more hours before starting the sightseeing in the Iranian capitol.

First stop on the tour through the capital was a stop at the palace, where the inside decoration was beautiful and full of mirrors. Next up was the former armory, which now had been turned into a Subway station. The last stop for the day was the former US embassy, which had been taken over during the Islamic eevolution in 1979 and is now being used as a museum showing documents found there that they claim proved surveilance and espionage from the US. The walls around the embassy was full of government propaganda saying “down with the us” and showed pictures of the Statue of Liberty and the American flag portrayed with death skulls and bombs etc.

When taking pictures of the grafitti, some guy stopped to tell us that this was all government propaganda that the Iranian people disliked and wanted removed. That confirmed the feeling I had all along, that the Iranian government do not represent the Iranian people very well. We have been invited over to numerous homes, been welcomed warmly to Iran and have been met with countless people wanting to know where we are from and what our countries were like, with no ulterior motive. Iranians have been the most warm hearted people I have ever met when traveling and they deserve the most of respect, so I ask that the pictures below should be perceived with the belief that this is just government propaganda. Iranians are beautiful people and it is both with exitement and sadness that we will be boarding the Trans Asian Express to Turkey today.

Iranian government propaganda. This does not represent the attitude of the people of Iran, who are the most welcoming and friendly people on my trip. 

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