Testing Monsterpacks: Osprey Sojourn 80l vs Meridian 75l


Osprey has become known for their durable backpacks with lifetime warranty. They have all kinds of backpacks, but if you are looking for a big one which will have room for your whole moving load the options could be narrowed to a Meridian 75 liter Osprey Meridian with an integrated day pack or an Osprey Sojourn 80 liter with an additional compatible Osprey Daylite backpack.


They are both quite big backs for most people, but if you are the kind of traveler who wish to keep a tent and sleeping bag, clothes for both hot and cold climate and maybe your bag of food that you don’t wish to have hanging on the outside. The 80 liter Sojourn with an additional 10 in the Daylite backpack gives a lot more room than the 75 liter Meridian (60 if younleave out the day pack) although not feeling that much bigger. The Sojourn can also fold in the sides to look smaller than the Meridian like on the picture below:

Both backpacks have are almost identical on the inside with zip open pockets on both the sides and the lid, pressure strips in the back and a pocket on top that is only accessible on the outside. The Daylite daypack is smaller and simpler than the much wider and more full of pockets Meridian daypack:

The Meridian day pack is easier to attach and looks much more integrated to its big backpack, whereas the Daylite backpack  is harder to attach and sticks much more out from the Sojourn backpack:

Personally I think the Sojourn 80 plus an Osprey Dailite backpack is a better alternative if you are looking for a spacious stroller backpack. A lot of the things like the materials, the interior, the wheels, the pockets and handles are the same, but for me I think the Sojourn gives you a lot more space without looking much bigger. If I would have gone for a Meridian it would have been the 60liter model which also has a detatchable daypack but would still classify as “carry on” for flights. All in all there is not much that sepparates the two except for size and the day pack solutions, so which one will work best for you is up to you to decide.

The Osprey Sojourn is on the left side pictures and the Meridian on the right side ones. This was an independent review with no sponsorship by Osprey or any of its distribution partners.

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