The Best Way of Studying is While Traveling!

Studying with this view is better than studying in my small student apartment


The way people learn the best is different from person to person, but I have found out that the best way for me to prepare for an exam is by studying while traveling.


It might sound a little strange, but when you travel and study at the same time you will automatically associate your travel memories to the stuff you want to learn. I just got back from a month long train journey along the Silk Road where I a few days later had an exam for my masters degree. This proved itself to be genious for me as I then at the exam could easily remember back to the theory I had learned by thinking back to the places I had visited.

For the questions asked at the exam I thought back on my reflections of what I had just read while passing through a small village in China or while looking out of a hotel room window in Turkmenistan. This is not as easy to do if you have spent your whole time studying at the library or in your own small student apartment.

The technique is based on something I read in the book “Memo”, by the Norwegian champion of memorizing, Oddbjørn By. He explained that the easiest way to memories something was to think of a travel route, say your way to school or work, and then you would add the information you learn to the places that you pass.

The problem for most students is that even though they have learned the theory they cannot remember under pressure during the exam. For me the solution to the problem is traveling.

If your wish to read or share a Norwegian version of this article you will find this at the blog of NKS where I also write regularily.

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