The City of Angeles Revisited

Right after touchdown at LAX we headed straight to HI Santa Monica to check in at our quiet hostel, then we grabbed some bikes from a rental around the corner and was off exploring.

Santa Monica was a great base with lots of shops, cafés etc around and the best was cycling down the beach road leading all the way down to Venice Beach. We were cycling through areas with hipsters, gangsters, tourists and classic american police cars standing along the way and people were rollerblading, cycling and skating along us with electrical skateboards. It sounds a bit cliché, but it was just like in the movies. I had the same feeling when I first visited here in 2010, seven years ago and the place hadn’t changed.

Being at a famil trip for my travel agent job, we also had to stop to do an inspection of Samesun Hostel which we sell. The hostel was right in the center of Venice Beach and the bar across the road was the perfect spot to have a couple of beers before cycling back home to Santa Monica where we had some fish tacos, which L.A is so famous for, before we hit the bed to recover from our jetlags.

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