“The Elephant Island”, Koh Chang

The name Koh (Island) Chang (Elephant) has been given to the island because of it’s shape and not because of the many “imported” elephants you find on the island. The last ten days have been spent here in a proper family holiday way where we have been laying on the beach most of the days, doing some daytrips on other (boattrip, diving, elephant riding) and eating good food and Chang beer in the evenings. On the last day I also got to explore the island on one of the 125cc motorbikes that can be rented everywhere for 300thb and found out what the West Coast of Koh Chang had to offer:
koh changWhite Sand Beach: Is the probably the biggest beach on the island, where you also find the biggest resorts and restaurants. White Sand Beach has the most options when it comes to sleeping, eating, clubbing etc which is probably also why most of the families that come to Koh Chang choose to stay here.Lonely beach: Is a backpackers paradise where you can find cheap beach bungalows with hammocks on the beach, cheap and relaxed restaurants with pool tables and “fatboy bags” and daily parties with free buckets, beers and babeque for certain times (flyers and coupons are handed out on the beach).

Klong Kloi Beach: Is the beach the furthest south and probably also the most relaxed and quiet place on the island. Sleeping options are limited with just a few beach bungalows, so a lot of people also stay here in their own tents or come driving on daytrips like I did.

Are you going there as a backpacker I would reccommend going straight to Lonely Beach and just find a cheap bungalow there. If you have the time and money to visit the neighbouring islands, I would also reccommend the following three islands:

Koh Wai: I got to visit the island for a daytrip but would have loved to stay longer. If it wasnt for the only guesthouse on the island (The Koh Wai Guesthouse) the island would be exactly like the one in the movie “Castaway”, with one beach and the rest of the island a montanous jungle. The beach bungalows start at 600thb and have plenty of room for two.

koh chang2

Koh Mak: is another, much smaller island than Koh Chang. It is known for is good beaches and great possibilities for outdoor activities such as biking and kanooing.

Koh Kood: is almost as big as Koh Chang and it is said to be very much like Koh Chang was 30 years ago. I heard rhumors from others I met that there was supposed to be a great U shaped lagoon on the island, where the beach was more empty and the water was shallow and blue. This itself is another reason to go back for a holiday sometime in the future.

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