The Mexican Gringo Trail

As Chichen Itza was easily seen in half a day, we decided to hop on a collectivo to Tulum to spend the evening there. We had hoped that it would be less touristic than Cancun and Plays del Carmen but I am sad to say that the main street there was completely packed with tourists and shops catering their needs. Sleeping downtown, we could hear the musc and the shouting on the streets which first started to get quiet around 5am. Aparently there are some nice maya ruins, cenotes and beaches around Tulum, but as everything seemed to be a lot more expensive than everywhere else we decided to give it a pass and headed up to Plays del Carmen the next day.

PdC was even more packed with Americans and Europeans, so we also just spent a half day there before junping on the collectivos to Belize where I finally got my inner peace.

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