The Story of Masada

Masada is a mountain fortress by the Dead Sea that has, in my opinion a quite amazing story.
The fortress was tried occupied by the Roman’s around year 75, but due to the strategic location and around a thousand Jews throwing rocks at the intruders, the Romans did not have much luck conquering it when trying for almost two years. What they did in order to finally get in was to put Jews captured from other cities to build a ramp up to the castle entrance. That way the people living in the fortress would stop throwing rocks as they would not want to kill their own people. Many of the captured Jews threw themself from the top of the ramp instead of helping the Romans complete their ramp, but after almost three months of constructing the ramp it was clear that the Romans would finally manage to break in.
Instead of being captured by the Romans, the Jews decided that they would commit mass suicide. Twelve men were assigned to kill all the people inside the fortress and then to kill themselves, so when the Romans entered the fortress, all the 950 inhabitants of the fortress were laying dead in the streets.
Being in the fortress nearly two thousand years later and hearing the story was incredible. Most of the ruins of top were in good shape so one could easily imagine how life must have been in the fortress these days and the view from the top was also quite incredible.

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