The Surfing Beach in Macao

When I wanted to get out of charterland, I wrote a sign saying “Macao” and stood by the highway. 5 minutes later a Canadian who was living in the Dominican Republic stopped his car and told me to jump in. He drove me all the way to the camping place where I would spend the following nights in my hammock.

Just as I had mounted my hammock and mosquito net, I heard a familiar voice from behind saying “Jørn Bjørn”? I turned around and saw Pernille who I had shared a villa with in Bali last year and not seen since- what a coincidence! Together with her new Dutch boyfriend and a friendly Sweden we stayed up talking about how we all had similar goals in life and how wonderful it was to travel without having a home or a job. The beach was also a great place for surfing (I couldn’t goe because of an injured toe) and it was much more empty and relaxing than Bavaro. This was a place that I liked.

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