The Togolese Capital Lomé


When driving into Lomé I was surprised to see how well paved and lit up the roads were- apparently having a port that is also used by its neighboring countries is good business and the Togolese capital was thriving.
Walking around in the city itself was not that exciting, but in the outskirts there was the Worlds biggest fetish market that we visited called ****. The rest of the time we spent relaxing in the Coco Beach resort just a fifteen minute motorcycle taxi ride away.
For visa reasons the rest of the group had to stay in Lomé for a full week, but me and Travis had the Visa de Entente which allowed us to move freely between Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Benin, Togo and Niger so we decided to go off on a trip to Niamey while the others were waiting. Flying an airplane for the first time in West Africa, we also got to see the city from above with its 56kiloneters of beach coast.



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