The Walled City of Lahore

Arrival in Lahore after a 22 hour journey from Karachi

Lahore is by locals called the Paris of the East and it also has the reputation of being cultural capital of Pakistan, partly because most Pakistani “Lollywood” movies are made there.

It is said that the old walled city of Lahore has been inhabited for millenia, but it was mainly (re)built during the Mughal Empire, where the famous Badhshahi Mosque also was erected. The mosque is inside the red sandstone fort, and walking through it I must have been asked by more than 20 people if I wanted to take a selfie with them. A teacher even asked me to join their class photo.

I walked from the fort to the train station, passing the Delhi gate and the Wazir Khan mosque, which reminded me a bit about the madrassas in Uzbekistan. Along the way a lot of people stopped to shake my hand, and ask about my name, nationality, marrital status and sometimes religion before saying good bye and wishing me a good stay in Pakistan.

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