Tokomaru Bay and the Rest of the Eastern Cape


New Zealand has been the country to get the first sunrise in the World until 2011 when Samoa decided to jump across the date line. Not everyone here seems to know that and on a lot of the places visited around the Eastern Cape people seem to still brag about being the first.
The fact that they are no longer the first does not change how beautiful the sunrise is though. Every day so far on our East Coast tour we have gotten up before six am to watch the sun come up from the ocean.
In Tokomaru Bay I spent a whole day carving a bone into a necklace together with a Maori guy called Kevin and his family and a couple of others from my Stray group. From the moment we stepped into his house Kevin made it clear to us that this was not only about carving a piece of bone, but also to establish contact with ourselves and each other. We got to present who we really where, then find something that suited to our story, then draw it and carve it. Apparently I was a bird and them also made my very own bird necklace that I now think it will be hard for me to give away as a Christmas present as I already feel quite connected to it. The whole bone carving experience was really personal and at the end of the day I almost felt like a part of the family of Kevin and Carol.
The next day we visited a couple of maori churches, Mount Hikulani and the lighthouse at the easternmost point of New Zealand. The last night of our East Bro tour we spent at Marehako Bay where we spent the afternoon walking on the beach collecting Paua shells and relaxing in the evening.
Jumping from the pier was another way of passing our time

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