Touchdown in Paradise, La Digue Island

La Digue is an island just a twenty minute boat ride from Praslin, so it worked perfectly to go for a day trip from there, arriving with the first boat around 7 and going back home to my AirBnB in Praslin around 6 in the evening.

The island is small, and there are only a handful of cars there so everyone travels by golf carts or bikes that you can rent for 100SCR/7USD a day. There is only one main road, which doesnt go all the way around so you should be ready for some hiking as well if you want to see all that the island has to offer.

First off I cycled to the far North where there were not much except small, empty beaches, some bungalows with small bars and kiosks. Up to the top of the island and back down took me less than an hour, and already my body was running with sweat. Seychelles i March is incredibly humid and hot!

From there I cycled down to the point furthest South that my bike could being me, which was Grand Anse, and from there I hiked 15 minutes over a mountain to get to Petit Anse, and then 20 minutes over another mountain to get to Anse Cocos. These beaches were all some of the most beautiful beaches I have seen in all of my travels.

Anse Cocos- with perfect sand and clear water

Grande Anse- very accessible but still empty

By the time I has walked through all the beaches and was cycling back to the center I had gotten so dehydrated that I was desperate for a drink. So desperate that I stopped at a juice stand and paid almost 10$ for a juice! A normal daily budget for me which I finished drinking up in a couple of minutes.

The juicebar was strategically placed where the uphill would start

On the way back to the “city” I cycled throgh the Veuve Reserve where they had signs with facts about the different trees and plants in the park.

Last up was L’Union Estate Farm which was a big park where you could see how they were growing cinnamon, making coconut oil and building houses like they used to do in the colonial times. It normally costs 10$ to get in, but instead of paying I parked my bike next to the church and walked through the waist high water around the helicopter landing site to get in to the property for free.

The highlight of the farm visit was feeding the many giant tortoises that live there. They were all between 30 and 100 years old and were mostly just sitting hanging making grumpy breathing noises as they were eating.

The beach inside called Anse Source d’Argent is one of the most famous beaches on the island, but that just meant that there were more people and I think it was not even nearly as nice as the ones on the South East Coast.

The rock formations, white sand and clear water makes these beaches my favorite in the World and my pictures dont even do justice of their beauty. Did you ever see beaches that were more beautiful? Let me know in the comment field below.

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  • Live Grytting

    Hei Vagabjørn, så fint å lese om La Digue <3. I Januar 2000 var jeg der med kjæresten i 3 uker.Vi bodde på Fleur de Lys som var 4 private bungalower, og vi var de eneste gjestene.Vi fikk lemongrass-te, masse frukt, og fantastisk fersk fisk til middag servert rett på terassen.Vi besøkte også strendene i sør, og var der helt alene <3 Jeg ble fanget i en stor bølge, ble kastet rundt som i en trommel og var skremmende nær å drukne der i paradis.Det gikk bra da, heldigvis ;) De store skilpaddene så vi også, utrolig å være så nær slike urgamle ,kloke dyr.De var ganske sex- fikserte, og veldig høylytte når de holdt på :))) Vi kom med et lite fly fra Mahe til Praslin, og deretter båt ut til La Digue.Når vi skulle reise hjem tok vi helikopter til Mahe- og piloten var australsk, tror jeg, han var dobbeltgjengeren til skuespilleren Burt reynolds i yngre år :))) Den helikopterturen var uforglemmelig,det så utrolig vakkert å se disse øyene i fugleperspektiv.Kjæresten var med på dykk ned til haiene og jeg satt noen nervøs oppe i båten.Så vakkert og spesielt med fargerike hus, skole, barnehage og sykehus og små boder her og der.Det var ingen biler på La Digue da vi var der. Kun oksekjerrer.La Digue er virkelig en bil av paradiset <3<3<3

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