Travelling on impulse

“Want to go on a road trip to Poland?” was the question that met me when I came late to a birthdayparty a couple of weeks ago. After five seconds of thinking, I managed to shout out an “of course!”, full of eagerness from the impulsive suggestion. Half an hour later me and my friend were sitting in my RV on our way to Poland, without knowing how long it would take us to get there, or how much it would cost.

As my car did not go faster than 80km/h, we did not get further than to Gothenburg the first night, where we got ourself a late night snack, and some sleep for the long journey we had ahead of us.

The second day was more or less spent in the car, with just a few stops for food, gas and a longer stop at the university in Helsingborg. The final destination point for the day was set to the student city Lund, just a few minutes outside of Malmoe, where the plan was to visit some of my friends and experience the student life in Lund. After a night well spent in the student city, we were ready to take the boat from Karlskrona to the Polish city Gdynia, but as the ferry was a bit too expensive for our budget, we ended up driving to Copenhagen. After spending the night out in the biggest city in Scandinavia, we agreed that we had seen and spent enough on our road trip and decided to hit the long road home to Halden.


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