Volcano de Lodo y Boquillo

To go to Volcano de Lodo has been one of  the best decisions we have done here in Colombia. An all inclusive day trip booked through our hostel costed only 50 000COP and was worth every penny. At eight in the morning we were picked up from our hostel and driven straight to the Totumo Volcano where we would spend some of our weirdest hours in Colombia.

The volcano itself was 28 meters high and the mud inside it was around 3 meters deep, consisting of 25 different minerals and probably a lot of bacteria as well. They stuffed in a lot of people, clinging on to each to each others to gain rebalance and you could feel many small bits everywhere (I believe I touched a plaster somewhere in there) so if you are a claustrofobic or a germ freek you would not be comfortable going there. Although a bit nasty and weird, the feeling of floating in what felt like thick, melted chocolate was great.

There were also people working there that took pictures of you while being in, massaged and rubbed the mud on your body and afterwards there were people that assisted washing off the clay in the nearby freshwater river. All these services cost 3000 COP each. Since we had heard that the women washing you asked you to take off all your clothes so that they could wash you properly, we decided that it was something we would be more comfortable doing on our own.

After the volcano tour was finished we were driven to Boquilla beach, to eat lunch and spend a couple of hours at the beach before returning to our hotel late afternoon.

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