Becoming a Vagabjorn

VAGABJORN {Noun, masculine}:
/ˈvaɡəbɪˈjɔːn/: A bear (bjørn) wandering without a home or a job.

Without knowing it, I started my path towards a life as a vagabond already at the age of 16. I had moved to Austria for an exchange year and started feeling "rootless". It was the feeling of not belonging anywhere, which in turn led me to the feeling that I would be able to feel at home anywhere. Like a vagabjorn.

Everyone have defining moments in their lives that have put them on the path that they are currently on. What most people have in common though, is that these defining moments most likely did not happen from watching "lassie" alone on the living room couch.


After highschool I decided to take a bachelors degree in "International Communication", where it was mainly the word "international" that had gotten my attention. I ended up doing an exchange year in the Milwaukee, USA then another one in Cape Town and an intensive month long Spanish course at a university in San José, Costa Rica. At age 21 I had already traveled a lot during my studies, but was for the first time in life free to travel full time which led me to my first 10 month long backpacking trip through Asia. 

When money had run out I was lucky that life led me to an opportunity where I got to balance work and travel, working as a travel agent and living a year in a tent in Norway. I did my masters degree in Business Administration (MBA) completely remotely, allowing me to travel on a government student scholarship.

On March 16th, 2019 I landed in Mahe, Seychelles and with that became the youngest Norwegian to have visited every country in the  World at age 29. That brings us to today. Now I have found my way of living by traveling by opening a webshop for travel gear that I can operate remotely and a travel club where I invite people to come with my on road trips around the World. Are you someone who dream of doing the same? Then join me on one of my adventures, and I will teach you how to become a full time vagabjorn ;)