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My dream is to promote sustainable travel. And by travel I mean the concept of moving, meeting new people and experiencing new cultures, and not a consumerist, secluded all inclusive package to a beach destination.

Travel is something that can have a lot of positive, long lasting effects. It breaks down stereotypes, creates understanding and respect for people different from ourselves. It promotes harmony instead of conflict and is my hope for a demilitarised and more peaceful World.

Travel can teach you to live a more simplistic life, of consuming just what you need and realising how rich you really are. Not necessarily in terms of money, but in opportunities, safety and the possibility to live a free and healthy life. Your perception is what makes you feel the way you do, and without leaving your home you will probably not fully understand how privileged you really are.

I want to give you the opportunity to see some of the places that I liked the most from my travels to every country. My goal is to develop a more sustainable way to see places that are harder to reach by public transport, too far away where you otherwise had to get on a plane and maybe some places that tour operators consider too unstable to run tours. I want to give you the opportunity to join a road trip where we are driving instead of flying, sharing the financial and environmental cost together with likeminded people who dares going to places which would possibly have gotten bad press by the media. That is the only way that you will truly see, that there is joy, laughter and optimism by people living in every country.

I want people not just to learn about the places we go to but also to share their knowledge with the locals. After all, knowledge is the key to getting out of all situations, much more so than money, I have realised that there is no way for me to give back all the help, knowledge and hospitality that I have received from others, but I have decided that I want to do my best to pass it along to people we will meet along our way.

Finally I want to create projects that I believe can make a difference. Projects that I believe will have a lasting impact, preferably through education and ways to help protect the environment. Right now, my heart beats for one project: to make a school from plastic bottles in a village in Nepal. It has been doing so since I visited Nepal early 2019 and watched how my Nepalese friends Ohm and Prash, together with lots of volunteers had just built a school made from 20 000 plastic bottles and 8000$ in material costs. Now I want to build a new one and want your help along the way. 


Nepal bottle school project timeline:

March 2019: I visited a bottle school and got inspired through seeing how much the school had cleaned up and how beautiful the school made from bottles had turned out.

April 2019: Contacted recycling companies and grands/ funds in Norway to try to raise the majority of material costs through corporate donations with 0 success.

May 2019: Tried to raise money through private donations on Facebook and which achieved a total of 60 euros through two donations.

August 2019: Started collecting bottles for the school, reaching massive interest and engagement by locals cleaning up bottles.

October 2019: Opened a webshop for trips and travel products where each transaction will have a portion of the money allocated to the project

November 2019: Prash will use some of the bottles collected to make a hindu temple in one of the bording school near Pokhara. 

2020 onwards: Well, time will show. I believe that we slowly will be able to raise the money, people and skills needed to build the school. Do you want join?

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