Baku to Samarkand (2 weeks)

Baku to Samarkand (2 weeks)

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This will be the eigth trip leg of a four month overland journey called “Vikings in Asia” which will go between Norway and Khazakstan. For more information about vehicles used, whats included, who this trip is for etc check out the website:

Road tripping is the best, as it allows for flexibility whenever we want. That also makes it harder to have a set itinerary, but here is the plan for the second trip leg.


30.August: Baku

Let us know what time you will arrive so that we can pick you up at the airport. We will stay in the beautiful city of Baku, where there are lots of activities and day trips that can be done. In the evening we will drive to the port of Alat where we will camp and wait for the ferry that will take us across the Caspian Sea. 

Accommodation: We will find a AirBnb, hostel or campsite to stay at for cheap. 

31.August: Baku

You will have a full day to explore the sights of Baku.

Accommodation: We will find a AirBnb, hostel or campsite to stay at for cheap. 


1.September: Baku to Alat

In the day we will see Baku and the places of interest around. In the evening we will drive to the port of Alat where we will camp and wait for the ferry that will take us across the Caspian Sea. 

Accommodation: We will find a AirBnb, hostel or campsite to stay at for cheap. 

2.September Alat to Turkmenbashi

Today (fingers crossed) we will go on a 30 hour boat ride from Alat to Turkmenbashi. 

Accommodation: We will sleep onboard the boat from Azerbadjan to Turkmenistan.

3.September: Turkmenbashi

No matter if we arrive in the morning or the evening (there are no schedules) we will sleep in Turkmenbashi (meaning the father of the Turkmen people). We will either explore when we arrive or see the city in the morning before driving to Ashgabat.

Accommodation: We will stay in a guesthouse for around 15-20$ per night.

4.September: Yangikala day trip (if visa permits)

We will set off in the morning towards Yangikala- a massive canyon 200kilometers from Turkmenbashi. We will stop at the Gözli Ata Shrine and Kemal Ata where desert erosion and dried up lava has created lots of "stone balls".

Accommodation: We will stay in a guesthouse for 15-20$ per night.

5.September: Turkmenbashi to Ashgabat

Today we will be driving to the capital of Turkmenistan famous for its italian marble buildings and golden statues. We will visit the World's biggest indoor ferris wheel, the market, the nearby mountain and as much as we can manage in the time that we have.

Accommodation: We will stay in a guesthouse for 10-15$ per night.

6.September: Ashgabat to Daravaza

In the afternoon we will drive to Daravaza, arriving the around the time it gets dark. We will set up camp and wait for the night to come where we will sit around the roaring gas crater which has the nickname "the door to hell". 

Accommodation: We will bushcamp near the crater.

7.September: Daravaza to Nukus

Early morning we will pack our tents and depart to Nukus, the sixth largest city where we will explore town in the day or the next, depending how long the border will take. 

Accommodation: We will find a place to bush camp near the river.

8.September: Nukus to Urgench/Khiva

Today we will drive to the old caravan town called Khivah (after Khi Vagh which means what a delight). The town is famous for its good water and its beautiful minaret tower.

Accommodation: We will stay in a guest house in Urgench, which is a lot cheaper than staying in Khiva. 

9.September: Urgench to Kir Kiz Qala

Today we will take our time in the morning to go shopping and prepare for the bush camping ahead. We will drive through and take some pictures at Toprak Kala fortress and camp either near Fort Ayaz Qala or Kir Kiz Qala.

Accommodation: Bush camping with beautiful star sky.

10.September: Kir Kiz Qala to Bukhara

In the morning after we have packed up our tents we will set off to Bukhara where the city center has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. Its a lovely town with a good market for souvenier shopping.

Accommodation: We will stay in a guest house or drive to Tudakul Lake where we can clean some trash to make it a nice campsite by the lake.

11.September: Bukhara to Termez

Today will be a long day driving almost 500km down to Termez where we you can see and old buddhist stupa, a mausoleum right at a place overlooking Afghanistan. 

Accommodation: We will stay in a guest house which should cost around 15$ per night.

12.September: Termez to Samarkand

After a relaxed morning we will set off to the final destination of this trip leg. The city of Samarkand used to be the seat of the Timur Emprire and there are mosques and madrassas with lots of beautiful mosaic tiles. 

Accommodation: We will stay in a very friendly guest house where we will be welcomed with tea and snacks. In the morning you will get a breakfast which is packed with fresh fruits and delights. 

13.September: Samarkand

Today we will have time to explore Registan together. In the evening we can go to a local club to celebrate the end of yet another trip leg.

Accommodation: We will stay in the same guest house as the night earlier.

14.September: Samarkand departure day

Today is the last day of the eight ViA trip leg. If you let us know your flight time we will drop you off at the airport.

Accommodation: We will stay in the same guest house as the night earlier.