Vikings in America 10 Month Trip (deposit)
Vikings in America 10 Month Trip (deposit)
Vikings in America 10 Month Trip (deposit)
Vikings in America 10 Month Trip (deposit)

Vikings in America 10 Month Trip (deposit)

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Every time I set off on another multi month road trip, I spend some time warming up, testing out my gear and getting into the way of overlanding. This is why, on this trip me and my side kick Tom will be spending a month and a half driving through Canada and the US, before out trip officially starts from Mexico City with an all-in Day of the Dead Celebration, hopefully with two fully loaded jeeps of people, who will become lifelong friends at the end of the trip. You are welcome to come along on the full trip or just join one of our trip legs, whatever works best for you.

I will arrive Montreal around  September 1st, spend two weeks in quarantine and then do a two weeks Canada loop, driving up to Newfoundland and back, before setting off towards Mexico:

Leg 1: Montreal to Mexico City
: Departure from Montreal
2OCT: Toronto
15OCT: San Antonio
30OCT: Mexico City

Leg 2- Mexico City to Cancun:
: Mexico City
3NOV: Acapulco
6NOV: Puerto Escondido
10NOV: Oxaca

13NOV: Zapotec city of Monte Alban
15NOVLagunas de Montebello NP
17NOV: Frontera Corozal (Guatemala
19NOV: Palenque
22NOVMérida (Mexico)
25NOV: Cancun, Playa del Carmen

Leg 3- Cancun to Panama City:
: Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum
3DEC: Caye Caulker (Belize)
8DECTikal (Guatemala)
12DEC: Lanquin
14DEC: Antigua
16DECSuchitoto (El Salvador)
18DEC: Leon (Nicaragua
20DEC: Grenada
23DEC: Arenal (Costa Rica)
: Boquete (Panama)
30DEC: Panama City

Leg 4- Cartagena to Quito:
1-15JAN: Panama (on your own)
16JAN: Cartagena (Colombia)
18JAN: Tayrona National Park
24JAN: Medellin
25JAN: Manizales
28JAN: Popoyán
31JAN: Quito (Ecuador)

Leg 5- Quito to Cuzco:
3-4FEB: Amazon Jungle
5FEB: Rio Verde
8FEB: Churgchilán/Quilotoa Loop
11FEB: Cuenca
13FEB: Punta Sal (Peru)
20FEB: Lima
22FEB: Nazca
24FEB: Arequipa
25FEB: Colca Canyon

Leg 6- Cuzco to Santiago:
Inca Trail
6MAR: Lake Titicaca (Bolivia)
8MAR: La Paz
11MAR: Uyuni
14MAR: San Pedro de Atacama (Chile)
16MAR: Salta (Argentina)
19MAR: Cafayate
21MAR: Estancia
23MAR: Cordoba
25MAR: Mendoza
26-28MAR: Santiago (Chile)

Leg 7- Santiago to Buenos Aires:
1APR: Santiago. 
2APR: San Javier
3APR: Pucon
5APR: Bariloche (Argentina)
8APR: Queluat NP (Chile)
El Chaltén (Argentina)
14APR: El Calafate
16APR: Torres del Paine NP
21APR: Tierra del Fuego
23APR: Ushuaia
29APR: Puerto Madryn.
31APR: Buenos Aires

Leg 8- Buenos Aires to Rio:
1MAY: Buenos Aires
5MAY: Colonia del Sacramento (Uruguay)
6MAY: Montevideo
8MAY: Yapeyú (Argentina)
10MAY: Asuncion (Paraguay)
13MAY: Iguassy Falls
15MAY: Ponta Grossa (Brazil)
16MAY: Curtiba
18MAY: Sao Paulo
20MAY: Ilha Bella
21MAY: Paraty
22MAY: Ilha Grande
27MAY: Rio de Janeiro

Leg 9- Rio to Belém:
1JUN: Ouro Preto
3JUN: Tres Marias
4JUN: Brasilia
5JUN: Alto Paraiso
8JUN: Lencois
11JUN: Itacare
14JUN: Salvador da Bahia
18JUN: Olinda
20JUN: Praia da Pipa
23JUN: Jericoacoara
25JUN: Barreirinhas
28JUN: Sao Luis.
30JUN: Belem

Leg 10- Belém to Boa Vista:
5JUL: Macapa
7JUL: Cayenne
9JUL: Kourou
10JUL: Saint Laurent du Maroni
12JUL: Paramaribo
13JUL: Atjoni/ Suriname River
16JUL: Paramaribo
19JUL: Georgetown 
21JUL: Linden
22JUL: Guyanan rainforest
23JUL: Iwokrama Forest 
24JUL: Savannah Region and Burro Burro River
27-29JUL: Brazilian Amazon or hike the Roraimas
30JUL: Boa Vista

Please note that the price listed is a deposit only, which will secure a spot for you on any part of the trip. After you have secured your spot you can use the discount code "DEPOSIT" to have this deducted off the total price. You can also get in touch with us for your individual quote, or if you are interested in joining the trip onwards into Venezula.

We are looking forward to seeing you on the trip!